Elephante, established in 2005, black-female owned, level 1 BEE rating, had set its footprints on civil activities as well as horticultural activities, which comprises of “planning and design of landscaping, environmental management “as well as operations and maintenance of the infrastructure specifically pipelines and transportation engineering services all embraced by well-thought contract management services. The company theme is to “strive to serve the best” in any firm/industry. The atmosphere of best achievers is attained through the proper service-delivery with technical applicable minds. Elephante is exclusively solution trackers for any problem given without diverting from the original, aligned targets as well as objectives of the client.
  ELEPHANTE is a progressive business, aiming to do its best to offer excellent services and plough-back to communities. Elephante has set its goals aligned with the MDG 1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger through the local labour-intensive approach. It is the dire belief of Elephante that the Labour-intensive approach generate more direct and indirect local employment opportunities and income by using locally available inputs (materials, simple tools and local labour) and thus creating a greater demand for local products and services than do high-technology programmes reliant on imported technology and equipment. We are goal orientated and customer-centric, striving for service excellence by offering solutions to our customers and carrying out a mandate of service delivery without compromise.
  A service driven company professionally positioned and integrated to achieve sustainable development and accelerate service delivery through commitment to community development. We further undertake to contribute to poverty alleviation through awarding of employment opportunities. We believe that high standards of professionalism, should be demonstrate at all times. This is lived out through the competence of our people, our equipment and our integrity. We display high levels of honesty, fairness and integrity in the way we conduct our business. Our business practices are in line with relevant legislation and agreements. We believe that ethica behaviours will contribute towards our long-term survival and growth.

Our vision and mission are driven by a core set of values, which serve as the foundation for everything we do.
We are totally committed to fulfilling the promises we make to our stakeholders. We can be relied on to provide the agreed product and service on time and according to specification. 
We are proud to produce work of high quality, within the programmed time or less, to standards greater than expected. We adopt the principle of “Right the First Time” and are committed to on-going learning through various trainings and workshops and will continuously improve our standards and work processes.

  Our management has excellent management skills and experience acquired over 15 years that has been seconded by our employees and other key members of the organisation. Our members have an extensive knowledge and expertise in civil services i.e. water, transportation, environmental related services as well as contract management We are dedicated to empowerment and gender equality in the workplace We put our signature on our entire job and we pride ourselves with our customers We value our business partners, customers and employees. We invest in our staff development as they are add value to the services we render.
Provide professional services and promote success in partners’ development programmes and service delivery. Creating partnerships with different stakeholders to implement service delivery and provide solutions to different challenges our country is faced with.
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